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Accepted Papers

The accepted papers will be published in the additional workshop proceeding. The proceedings will be published as Springer's series "Lecture Notes for Informatics" (LNI).
Authors Title  
Boris Gruschko Changes Classification in M2 Models
Helge Sören Klimek PDD applied: A Model Driven approach
Oliver Alt Modelltransformation mit der QVT Relationssprache - Fallstudie einer werkzeugspezifischen Realisierung
Thorsten Pohl Wiederverwendung von Transformationen
Miguel Garcia Rules for Type-checking of Parametric Polymorphism in EMF Generics
Alexander Holbreich,
Peter Golibrzuch,
Simon Zambrovski
Enterprise Applications Deployment: A model driven approach

Speakers Title Slides
Oliver Ihns MDSD in EJB3 (invited talk) pdf
Helge Sören Klimek Building Graphical Editors using GMF Technology pdf
Miguel Garcia Generation of DSL Tools based on Language Definitions pdf
Thomas Büchner Introspective Model-Driven Development (invited talk) n/a
Boris Gruschko Model Driven Software Evolution n/a
Oliver Alt Modelltransformation mit der QVT Relationssprache pdf
Thorsten Pohl Model-to-Modeltransformationen in AndroMDA 4 - ein Überblick pdf

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